Travel Diary: San Antonio, TX

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In a last minute attempt to savor some fun from the short Thanksgiving break, my family and I decided to travel to San Antonio, Texas.  While I’ve traveled a lot internationally, I’m a bit embarrassed to say that I’m less familiar with the adventures found in my home country, but I’m also glad that I …

Giving Thanks Everyday

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Ups and downs give color to life. Yet, for many, I think it’s easier to complain at the first sign of trouble than it is to pick up the phone and remind a loved one how much they mean to them. We live in a society where financial success and technology supersedes our relationships with …

Thoughts on Twenty-Three

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Twenty-three. A lot of people say that there’s nothing really special about twenty-three. There are no songs about twenty-three, nothing more to be legal about by twenty-three, and no one really making a big deal about twenty-three. I turned twenty-three about three weeks ago. Yet, despite it not being a special number, it’s …

Are you ArtSea?

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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Festivals. What better way to bring a community together?

From the ever popular Coachella, to the local festivals like the 626 Night Market (that I’m super excited to attend at the end of this month), there’s almost no argument that festivals are loads of …

Lazy Girl’s Guide to Losing Weight

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As someone who’s always been a victim of weight fluctuation, eating moderately has always been important to me. However, whether it’s feasting during a vacation, the unhealthy eating habits during exams, or even just lack of sleep and too much stress, weight fluctuations seem completely inevitable AND normal. However, there are times when you look …

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Are you ArtSea?
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