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#LivingMyBestLife | Part 3: My Self-Love Routine for Mental & Emotional Health

Last year at this time, I was dealing with situational depression as a result of my job. My grandma and grandpa had also just died a month apart, and even though I wasn’t very close to either of them, I felt the hurt my family was going through. I wasn’t in a good place – it was the lowest I had ever been in my life, but I wanted to be happy and I spent a lot of time thinking about what I could do to go to bed and wake up happy everyday.

Don’t let the world make you cruel. It’s tempting to be vengeful and bitter when we’ve been hurt, but I think it’s more important for us to not lose our light and not lose ourselves over difficult obstacles. – a motto I have lived by since February 2018.

I think self-love is the key to having good mental and emotional health (unless you have a chronic condition, in which case, please skip this and seek actual professional help). Keep your mind stimulated with good things, good people, continual learning, and positive thoughts. Keep your heart light by caring for yourself, knowing your worth, surrounding yourself with love, believing in yourself, and learning to love who you are flaws and all.

The best way to begin a routine of self-love is to spend lots of time alone. Think about what makes you happy, what makes you unique, the things you want to change, and learn to accept the things you can’t change. What do you wish you could do more? What are your dreams? Evaluate what you want out of life, make a list of things you could do to treat yourself better, evaluate your friends and how they make you feel, and think about how you could make life 1% happier right now…

For nearly a year now, I’ve had this routine set in place to help improve my mental and emotional state. When the New Year rang in, I lived by these habits and added a few more to further cultivate my inner peace and contentment. And honestly, though I still have tough days (because who doesn’t?), having this routine helps me destress and increases my happiness level. Below, I’ve listed my full routine. Call me a hedonist if you want, but I’m a happy camper because of it. 🙂 Included are links to planners, books, etc. that have helped me on this journey.

Me either blogging or watching Netflix



  1. Start the Morning with Gratitude and Plan the Day. I use The Happiness Planner as a way to record my daily activities, my meals, exercises, to-do lists, notes, gratitude, and as a way to track my personal goals. This is the first thing I do every morning to kickstart an attitude of gratitude because when I’m grateful, I’m happy.
  2. Eat Healthy Throughout the Day to Fuel a Healthy Heart and Mind – I love mixing Unicorn Superfoods and Moon Juice Adaptogens into my morning smoothies for the healthy benefits as well as the natural stress-relieving affects caused by adaptogens – Guys, I’m a hardcore believer in adaptogens. They truly work. I would highly highly encourage you to consider mixing these natural, herbal powders into your smoothies before considering pills.
  3. Exercise 6/7 days focusing on different muscle groups and ending with at least a 30 min cardio session. If I’m not a sweaty mess by the end, it doesn’t count.
  4. Take Bubble Bath after dinner and after rinsing from the workout to relax sore muscles. I’m pretty extra when it comes to my baths – I have candles, hot chocolate, bath melts, bath bombs, and bubbles bars. I also have a bath caddy that holds my laptop so I can watch my Netflix shows or read a book. Lately, I’ve been doing short meditations I find on YouTube.
  5. Care for Your Skin. I personally love Truly Organic’s Unicorn Fruit Body Butter. It’s packed with lots of collagen and nutrients and smells like Bubble Gum! My skin always glows and feels super smooth after. I mainly massage the cream into my shoulders, collar bones, knees, elbows, and ankles,
  6. Finish daily spread in The Happiness Planner Daily. This involves reflecting on the day and jotting down what I’m grateful for, the good things that have happened, any notes, and what I hope the next day will be like. Doing this helps me focus on the positive aspects of the day instead of focusing on the negatives and helps me in my practice of constant gratitude.
  7. End the night with Jesus Calling Devotion Book. I spend the last 10 minutes of my night with God, talking to Him about what’s been going on in my life and praying for this and that. Doing this nightly has not only strengthened my relationship with Him, but has also allowed me to release any pent up burdens from the day through candid conversations.
I spend every Tuesday night at HQ Gastropub in Woodland Hills for their amazing fish tacos!


  1. Indulge in a Yummy Cheat Day. This is usually my Saturdays. I’ll have boba and indulge in all sorts of soul food.
  2. Clean the Apartment & Do the Laundry. I swiffer/clean my apartment on the daily, but I’ve never liked doing laundry. However, when my space is clean and my chores are done, I feel like a successful adult – and there’s really no better feeling than that, lets be honest.
  3. Treat Your Skin to A Pamper Session. I do this once a week and it usually just involves a face mask. Lately, I’ve been loving Bliss’ Mint Chip Mania as a once-a-week treatment.
  4. Do Something Creative/Indulge in a Favorite Hobby. Other than blogging, I’ll take part in a photoshoot, go dancing, or cook something elaborate for the fun of it. In this way, I always have something to fun to look forward to and can improve upon skills that I actually enjoy.
  5. Spend Time With People Who Make You Better. I’m lucky to have been blessed with a lot of good friends in my life. I’ve learned many important things from them over simple coffee conversations, have been inspired through their stories, became more open when I learned how to put myself in their shoes, learned from their mistakes, and grew by befriending the ones who are entirely different from me.
Galentine’s Day Party


  1. Have a Day to Do Absolutely Nothing. I used to get stressed when I had nothing to do, but now, I look forward to a day where I can just sit around and do nothing.
  2. Try Something New Outside Your Comfort Zone. This is actually part of my formal New Year’s resolution. I’m someone who doesn’t normally step out of my comfort zone and keep myself in a bubble more or less. So every month, I plan on doing something new to help me grow and learn something new.
  3. Pamper day at the Hair/Nail/Body Salon. Sometimes this depends on what my bank account looks like, but there’s no better feeling than when someone takes the time to make you feel beautiful.
Becoming one with Pizza @TheFoodieSpace | Pasadena, CA


  1. Treat Yo’self. In my case, this means shopping for clothes. Since this blog is also a fashion blog, I’m always on the look out for the newest trends. Plus after working hard, I should spend money on something nice as a reward.
  2. Host a Friendly Get-Together. There’s nothing better than being surrounded by people you love, and I actually love planning parties. Though I’m an introvert, when I’m surrounded by the right people and the good vibes are flowing, it leaves me feeling refreshed.

🙂 🙂 🙂

I hope my routine gives light to some of you who may be needing a way to heal through a difficult time. If it’s any consolation, things will get better. Focus on how much your friends and family love you. Focus on the things that make you happy, that make you unique and lovable. Know that it’s okay to not be okay and that there’s no shame in seeking further help whether that be in the form of a friend, a family member, or a professional. Do what you have to do to get feel good about yourself.

Any obstacles we face are learning opportunities. We grow when we persevere and we grow when we feel pain. So keep in mind, that when times are tough, pack on that armor of self-love and fight. <3

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