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#LivingMyBestLife | Part 2: My 5 Tips to Eating Healthier

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Disclaimer: This post does not promote temporary diets and weight loss, however, if you’re ready to make permanent healthy eating habits, you’ve come to the right place! Though you may or may not lose weight as a result (depending on your own body’s constitution), I’m hoping that these simple tips/reminders will help you on your way to reaching your health goals.

My Health Goals

My overall goal for my health was to feel good inside and out. So far, I’ve talked about my exercise routine for lean muscles and how I stay motivated enough to go to the gym 6 days out of the week. In this post, I’ll be talking about the tips I live by to eat healthier. Important note: I don’t believe in depriving myself of any sort of nutrients unless it’s for a serious health reason – moderation is key (hence, this post isn’t catered to keto, paleo, vegan, or any other diet type). Obviously know the dangers of eating too much of anything especially where salt and sugar are concerned.

Thus far, I’ve ended up losing 8 lbs. and am on my way to gaining back 3 lbs. without caving into my old eating habits. And though I partnered this with frequent exercise, I think diet plays a larger role where weight, health, and inner well-being are concerned (Feel free to read up on Part 1 of #LivingMyBestLife where I talk about my exercise routine to staying lean and fit here).

Meals I Eat On a Regular Basis

Breakfast: Croissant & Coffee; Daily Harvest Smoothies (Subscription), String Cheese, Bagel, Avocado Toast, Salmon Tartine, Sunny Side Up Eggs

Lunch: Salad, Poke and Rice, Chicken and Broccoli, Chicken Tenders, Mushroom and Spinach Quesadilla, Buttered Shrimp, Baked Salmon and Rice

Dinner: Charcuterie (meats & cheeses), Healthy Choices TV dinners, Baked Salmon and Rice, Chicken and Pineapple sandwich, Cheese Filled-Meatballs

Snacks: Popcorn, Beef Jerky, Some Fruits, Hot Teas

Guilty Pleasures: Boba Milk Tea, Brazillian BBQ, KBBQ, Sweetened Coffee, Chocolate, Potato Corner Sour Cream & Onion Fries

Food I Avoid: Anything Pork – I don’t know why, I just grew up hating the taste (Turkey Bacon all the way!!!)

Total Estimated Calorie Intake: 1200-1500/day

My Best Friend @abetterallison is trying out this new anti-inflammatory diet for her health condition and so I decided to support her and together, we made a kale, broccoli, chickpea, avocado, and sweet potato meal. 2 days worth of meals on each plate!

5 Tips to Eating Healthier

Replace Regular Ingredients with Healthier Versions

I don’t cook often but when I do, I hit both sides of the spectrum when it comes to savoriness and sweetness. I’m that person that packs on extra salt and sugar into things when I think no one is looking, (guilty as charged). This obviously is the worst possible habit, and it definitely manifested in the form of acne breakouts and extreme moodiness. To change up my diet, I started with replacing simple ingredients such as the types of honey and butter using This website is perfect for anyone needing a catalogued shopping experience. You can filter products from keto to vegan and overall, I’m really impressed by the quality of goods sold.

Some basic ingredients I use on the daily | purchased from

Sustain Yourself with Lots of Protein, Healthy Fats, and Super Foods

My breakfast used to be an “if I have time” type of thing, otherwise, I’d actually skip it. These were bad decisions especially once my exercises started catching up to my body. Even worse, my lunch meals which were quite large, were not able to sustain me past the 3 hour mark and I’d end up caving into eating whatever was available. To solve this constant state of starvation, I started eating healthy fats such as cheese (string cheese for on-the-go days), more meats, and added superfoods into my shakes. I’m a big fan of unicorn superfoods for their tasty superfood powders – and if you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen the rainbow crepe cake I made using these powders as the natural dyes. Another helpful way to keep yourself from skipping breakfast and still eat healthy is to invest in a food subscription – my choice is Daily Harvest because it requires almost no prep time (just a blender or a microwave), I can take most of the meals on the go, and it’s completely affordable. They also taste pretty great! With these simple added changes, I felt fuller for a longer span of the day.

Unicorn SuperFood-Infused Crepe Cake for Galentine’s Day |

Cook More Often Instead of Eating Out

Being in my mid 20s, I love going out to eat with friends and enjoy the convenience of not having to prep. However, if you have food jealousy (my word for craving what your friends order), it might be difficult to stick to your diet (a cheat meal is totally okay – will discuss further below). Furthermore, eating out can take up a lot of your monthly spending budget if you take the time to calculate it. Cooking meals yourself gives you the power over food and saves you so much money in the long run.

Giant Spaghetti-Filled Meatball – lasted me a week and a half | Total Estimated Savings: $150

Stop Eating Addictive Sugary/Salty Foods

When I started this journey on January 4, 2019, that was the last day I had my beloved boba milk tea for a month. The struggle was so real, but being the one re-occurring, near-daily, guilty pleasure, I knew that this was the first thing that had to go. After I went without it for two weeks, I stopped craving it. I followed this up by ordering regular iced coffee at work instead of my sugary frapps. Now, I only try to have boba milk tea on my cheat days. Side Note: One of the unexpected side-affects of lowering my sugar intake was the decrease in overall moodiness (though this could also be due to a multitude of things).

Sugary treat with my best friend | @theloopchurros

Give Yourself a Cheat Day Once a Week <3

If you’re closer to your health goals & ideal weight, use a cheat day as an incentive/reward for a week’s worth of eating healthy foods well-done. And as long as you don’t go overboard, this is a great way to reduce those cravings.

Take all these with a grain of salt: This is what has worked for me thus far. And I can’t wait to share more of my diet with you. Be sure follow me on my IG: @queeniebee8 for all updates in this millennial’s journey to being the best version of herself. And be sure to subscribe and stay tuned for the next segment of #LivingMyBestLife. I’ll be talking about mental and emotional health. <3

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