#LivingMyBestLife | Part 1: Exercise & Fitness

I’ve decided to start a new series on this blog. For the month of January, I’ve been super passionate about being more active, eating healthier, and feeling mentally and emotionally stable. It’s been such an obsession to the point where I’m actually eating KALE! Guys, if you know me personally, your mouths would hit the floor so fast because I hate vegetables. With my new lifestyle, it’s come to the point where I know it’s time to mend my relationship with healthy foods and break off my amazing relationship with boba. It’ll forever be my first love, but it’s time to move on for the better.

You could call this my New Year’s resolution, and in general, these things are pretty hard. But no worries, dear friends <3  Today, I’ll be sharing all my tips and tricks on how to stick to it. And they work. I ended up losing 8 lbs in 4 weeks and my metabolism is back up to speed. I feel stronger in the mornings, I’ve lost my cravings for sugary desserts, I’m less moody and less stressed, and overall, feel the best I’ve ever felt in years.

Hence, these next couple of posts will focus on the major changes I’ve made to my life with each emphasizing discipline, easy motivation, tips, and results. I hope you’ll find these next couple posts helpful in your own journey to be a better you.

For this first post in this multiple series, let’s talk exercise and fitness!

I’m naturally a heavy sweater, but the feeling of it also makes me feel accomplished.

On January 4, I started exercising 6 days a week. My goal was to kick start my metabolism, burn some fat, and tone my arms, legs, and stomach. Each session would interchange between light weights (or using my body as a weight) for those three specific body parts followed by a minimum of 30 minutes of cardio. One day out of the six would be dedicated to full body conditioning which includes interval exercises followed by 5 minutes of jump rope after each session -> This one melts inches off your waist fast!


note: 1 set = 10

Arms: 3 Sets of Reverse Push-ups Hands Backwards | 3 Sets of Reverse Push-Ups Hands Forward | 3 Sets of Push Ups | 3 Sets Overhead Triceps Extensions | 3 Minutes Pulsing Arms Circles Forward | 3 Minutes Pulsing Arms Circles Backwards | Stretch Between Each Set to Keep the Muscle Lean and Not Bulky

Legs: 3 Sets of Bridge Lifts | 3 Sets Single-Leg Glute Brides Each | 3 Sets of Plie Squats | 3 Sets Reverse Lunges with Knee Lifts | 3 Sets of Side Leg Lifts Each | 3 Sets Inner Thigh Leg Raises Each | Stretch Between Each Set to Keep the Muscle Lean and Not Bulky

Stomach: 3 Sets of Bicycles | 3 Sets Crunches | 3 Sets of 30 Second Planks | 3 Sets Knee-to-Arm Plank | 3 Sets Knee-to-Elbow Kickbacks | 3 Sets Pulse Ups | 3 Sets Russian Twists | 3 Sets Side Plank Twists | Stretch Between Each Set to Keep the Muscle Lean and Not Bulky

Cardio: 30+ Minute of either Elliptical or Running | I like to keep a steady high speed pace.

Total Body Conditioning: 1 out of 6 exercise days are dedicated to a full body work out. Since I’m still new to this, I found a YouTube Video to help me out. This exercise is great for burning inches off your waist fast, yet it can be difficult to get through the first couple times.


The first week and a half was difficult, and had it not been for one factor, I would have given up. The most important part to keeping you motivated is to have ACCOUNTABILITY. I worked out with my friends as much as I could and always put up a sweaty pic on my instagram stories to keep me from calling it quits.

Next is thinking about the consequences. I mean, we all have those days. Sometimes, the work day drains us so bad that we’d rather just sit on the couch and watch Netflix to destress. But how many times have you ever looked back with regret? Foresee the consequences and don’t give yourself the chance to feel sorry for yourself. Even if you don’t finish your sets, at least you’re getting there and doing something.

Finally, it’s normal for this to feel difficult in the beginning. You’re not alone. Most people are so motivated during the beginning of the year (ever noticed how packed gyms are at this time?) then halfway through January, most give up. Understand that no goal has ever been accomplished through sheer prayer or magic. You have to work at it and meet God halfway. So when you decide to make a lifestyle change, think to yourself “How badly do I want it and what can I do to help myself commit?” – If you want it enough, you won’t need to make up any excuses because you’ll find the time one way or another.


Accountability Pic 1 month later | 8 lbs lighter | Less Moody | Feeling 110%

I dropped weight pretty fast – faster than I could have anticipated. Like no joke. It took 2 weeks for me to drop 5 lbs without changing my regular eating habits. The good thing about this is that I know this was probably my metabolism getting back up to speed. The bad news was that my regular eating habits could not longer sustain me. I felt hungry after an hour or two of eating a full meal which made it really difficult for me to concentrate at work. Therefore, I decided to change up my diet as well with the rule of thumb being ‘Quality of Calories over Quantity’.

Stay tuned for the next part of #LivingMyBestLife 🙂

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