Happy New Year + A Message to My Loved Ones

Happy New Year! May 2019 be your best year yet!

As excited I am about starting a new year, I’d like to formally close my chapter of 2018 with a message to my loved ones:

To my family ~ Mom, Dad, & Cris<3

The family celebrating my 24th with a seafood tower at Catch LA

I finally understand why you raised me a certain way. Adulting would have been harder had I not had the proper foundation. In 2018, I tackled more challenges than I’d ever been exposed to and it’s helped me realize that I can be strong on my own. Thank you, Mom, for showing me what humility looks like despite being a wonder woman, for teaching me how to be quietly clever and shrewd, and for giving me a sharp tongue. Thank you, Dad, for raising me to be a fighter, for giving me this temper that keeps me from giving up when I fail, and for teaching me to use knowledge of people and subjects to move up. You both taught me that timing and tact are key to success. Thank you, Cris, for giving me an example of Christ – without you, I wouldn’t understand empathy and I wouldn’t be able to appreciate the people who are good to me – you’re truly a saint – I honestly don’t know where you came from – you’re too good for this world. Still, I am blessed to have a brother so opposite of me yet someone who I would be nothing without.

To my best friends ~ especially Allison, Alana, Caroline, Thiza, Kelsey, & Arnelle

Allison’s Surprise Birthday Brunch at Pearl’s Rooftop Bar

I never imagined I would be lucky enough to experience my 20s with a consistent group of friends. Thank you so much for all your support this year. I know I can get excited about everything too fast, can be intense and have strong opinions, but still, thank you for accepting me flaws and all. From the long nights out in Vegas, to the gossip over high tea, from deep talks over hot cocoa to the inside jokes over handsome old men, and for the encouragement needed to get me through a very low point in my life, to the fluffy hangouts with Kona Bear, and so much more – thank you for giving me memories and fun to last a lifetime. You guys are my home away from home and have made my 2018 such an adventurous year.

To my Warner Bros fam ~ Especially my fellow 1st years and teammates

1st years with the SVP at our the WB Holiday Party

After my last work experience, I never thought I’d ever work for a place where I could actually call my co-workers friends. We’re a lucky bunch being able to work for a big 8 company in a department that has the best company culture – AND we have the best bosses too! Not once since I started in March have I ever had anything to complain about. I sometimes wonder if this even real life and how I ever got so lucky to be in such a perfect work environment. I feel sorry for people who work in fear and anxiety – I don’t remember what that’s like anymore and I’m glad. You helped heal the trauma I experienced previously. ~Thank you for the weekly catch ups over coffee, the daily morning breakfast/coffee runs, the jokes over Skype, the bar and restaurant recommendations, the interesting shopping experiences on the lot where some of us would get too excited about the sales, the competitive banter over Game of Thrones, and the overall camaraderie.

With that said, I wish you all the best in 2019! And be sure to stay tuned for more creative content from yours truly!

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