5 Ways to Feel the Spirit of the Holidays

With Christmas just days away and the New year looming, you’d think you’d feel more warm and fuzzy inside, but no. I think every year, it becomes more difficult to feel any sort of Christmas Spirit. There are more things to stress about, a greater list of priorities, and not to mention that the Holidays are a busy time for everyone – very distracting to the childhood wonder most of us are longing to feel.

This year, I didn’t decorate my apartment for Christmas and I also didn’t put up a tree. The funny reason why is because previously, my brother would come help me collect it from my garage storage as it’s way too heavy for me to do on my own, but this year, we were both too busy. Living alone definitely doesn’t help during the holidays either, but I’ve always been the lucky when it comes to having a big and constant group of close friends. Despite all this, I still managed to feel those warm and fuzzy feelings and here are some of the ways you can too!

1. Go See the Lights and Snow

Stroll through your local neighborhoods to see Christmas lights, or go see a light show. Even if it doesn’t snow where you are, there’s bound to be some event nearby that features fake snow. If you’re in LA, the Americana features light, water, and snow shows every night during the Holidays!

2. Hallmark and Hot Cocoa

You can also opt to keep it more relaxed and see what’s on the Hallmark channel. Some of their movies may be cheesy, but I think those are the best kinds of movies during the holidays. Make sure to have a warm blanket and cup of hot cocoa to really get into the Christmas mood.

3. Ugly Christmas Sweater Party with friends

There’s no better way to feel the Christmas Spirit than the atmosphere of camaraderie between you and your friends. So have a simple and festive party. Make it a potluck to make it easier especially if its last minute or opt to just go out in a group.

4. Shopping, Wrapping, and Writing

Some may view Christmas shopping as more of an obligation and it can be quite frustrating. Be sure to read on my previous post about “Gifts for the 21 Types of People in You Life” if you’re still in need of that last minute gift. I personally enjoy wrapping presents and just imagining family and friends’ faces when they get the present. I also go all out with my Christmas cards if I have the time.

5. Dressing for the Season

They say that how you feel is, to a certain extent, influenced by how you dress. Therefore, bring in the Spirit of the Holidays with Christmas wear. Whether it be red plaid, a fuzzy sweater, or a fun reindeer headband, have fun with it and make it your own. If anything you may feel motivated enough to try one of the previous 4 ways to get into the Christmas mood.

Hope these tips help! I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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