Gifts For The 21 Types of People in Your Life

The world is in love again – gingerbread cookies, colorful lights, peppermint candies, the sweet scent of cinnamon in the air, and the big man in red riding his sleigh through the night sky, a big bag of goodies in tow. Yes, it’s Christmas time again and it’s the holiday I look forward to the most. There’s nothing more I love about this holiday than spending time with the people who mean the most to me and the feeling of being so loved by those people.

Then comes what I believe is the most difficult part of Christmas: Gifting. Only because there are these factors to consider:

  1. What’s your budget?
  2. What kind of gift should you give him/her this year?
  3. Do you even have the time to shop, write a card, AND wrap?

Fear not my friends, for I’ve made a list of the gifts for the 21 types of people in your life that won’t break the bank and won’t be tossed aside. (Modeled after the friends and family in my own life♥) – all that aside, let the gifting begin!!!

Side Note: Images as well as headliners are linked:) 


Gifts From YOU to:

1. The Stressed Out Student

I loved my time as student, but it was definitely stressful. I would have definitely appreciated an organizer and a cute pen set to go along with it. Check out Mochi Things below! They’re currently having their Christmas sale and everything is 30% off!

Notepad & Planner Organizer

Pastel Dual Deco Pen Set

2. The Introverted Homebody

We all have friend whom we have to drag by the hair to go out on a Friday night. Why not show them that you respect their need to stay home from time to time by bringing them comfort items that all homebodies need. Check out the links below.

Throw Blankets/Pillows



3. The Spiritual Moon Child

One of my best friends is a very spiritual being and she loves having positive vibes all around. Be a flower child and check out Crystal Cactus and Den Meditation (If you’re in the LA area). I know she’d appreciate the positive energy these gifts would brings:

Crystals, Sage, and/or Chakra Candles

Meditation Class Package

4. The Rising Chef

I have another friend who loves to cook. In fact she has a YouTube channel dedicated to this and even livestreams her cooking on a regular basis. For this friend, I would probably get them the following:


Milk Bar Cooking Class (If you’re in NYC or LA)

5. The Social Media Fanatic

For people who thrive on perfecting their instagram, there’s nothing better for growing their social presence than insta-worthy events and a friendly photographer. Check out Show Clicks for the latest events around the area. I’m actually planning to go to the one linked below:

Pop-Up Events

Offer to Take Pictures

6. The Deep Artist/Musician

There’s just something fascinating about the mind of an artist/musician. Feed their soul by framing the lyrics/words to their favorite song/poetry piece or putting together a collage of polaroid pictures that will help inspire creative output.

Framed Song Lyrics/Poetry

Polaroid Camera

7. The Hustling Workaholic

By definition, this would be my Mom. She doesn’t have time to take a break and I know she needs that warm cup of coffee to start the day. If you know someone like this, they’ll appreciate a mug that will keep their drinks warm as well as a day at the spa. I mean, who wouldn’t?

Ember Temperature Mug

RA Organic Spa Package (If you’re in LA)

8. The Gym Rat

For the lifters, the runners, and the body builders in our lives, the following are perfect presents to help them give their 110% at the gym:

Gym Shark Leggings (Female)

Protein Powders

9. The Conservative Relative

For the parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles, the following are no-fail presents that they’ll appreciate every year.

Comfortable Sweater


Movie Tickets

10. The Wild Child

This is for the friend that comes home at 4am after a night at the club, the friend that somehow successfully gets you to drink even when you think you won’t, and despite their wild antics, the friend you always have the most fun with: 

Insomniac Event (Rave) Tickets

LA Beer Hop

11. The Health Nut

Whether they’re vegan, vegetarian, or just an all-around clean eater, this person certainly know how to look out for themselves. The following are ingredients that will help result in a more wholesome and balanced meal (tried and tested by yours truly):

Unicorn Super Foods

Moon Dusts (I wrote a review on this! Check it out here!)

12. The Party Entertainer

This is the person who loves to host parties. One of my best friends just had her apartment renovated into an Ariana Grande and Cardi B themed living space by HGTV and so anytime we hang out in big groups, we all go over to her place (check her out on Instagram: @alanasunny). The following are the perfect presents to light up any party or small get togethers:

Charcuterie Board

Unstable Unicorns Card Strategy Game

13. The Sophisticated Aristocrat

This is for the person who enjoys the finer things in life. No, we probably can’t afford anything that will fit their lifestyle even remotely, but we can treat them to simple pleasures. Find the following activities on Groupon and just keep the discounted rate at a hush:

Malibu Wine Safari

High Tea at The Tea Rose Garden, Pasadena(this pic was taken 3 years ago!)

14. The One Who Isn’t Old Enough 

We all have little people or angsty adolescents in our family circles. For them, nothing would make them happier than a couple dollars to splurge when they’re out with their friends. For the even younger ones, go back to the basics:

Money to buy what they want

Bellzi Stuffed Animals

15. The One You Love

Love doesn’t have to be expensive, but this gift should definitely be meaningful. Consider the following options:

Exploding Photo Box

Matching Couple’s Pajamas

16. The World Class Traveler

Enriched by worldly experiences, there’s really nothing you can give this person that compares to the list of places he’s/she’s seen, but you can help them out with thoughtful presents such as the ones below:

Travel Journal

Passport Holder

17. The Techie/Gamer

For the people in our lives who would rather play video games all day than step out into the light, the following are essential to their happiness though not necessarily their well-being:

Credit Towards a New Game/Apple Gift Card

Gaming Chair

18. The Cliche Comfort Seeker

This is me on a cold Sunday night. I love taking warm bubbles baths with a glass of Stella Rosa and watching Netflix simultaneously. For a similar person, see the linked gift options below:

Bath Caddy Tray(by far, one of the best purchase I’ve made this year!)

Heated Pillow

19. The Brainy One/Bookworm

For the know-it-alls and reddit readers in our lives – the ones that quote Tyrion’s “I drink and know things” whenever they get the chance, and the people you can rely on to give you the answers you need whenever and wherever, let the following bring them some holiday cheer:

Witty Comedy Show

Audio Books Subscription

20. The Fan Girl/ Fan Boy 

These one shouldn’t be heard to shop for. They’re gung-ho about a certain show or book series, so just get them gifts relating to those. For example, I’m obsessed with Game of Thrones, if you didn’t already catch the hint from the previous number. I would get myself the following: 

Funko Memorabilia(I actually have this in my office cubicle and it’s adorable!)


21. The Young at Heart

I can only think of grandparents and and elderly friends and family who haven’t lost their sparkle to age. Give them the gift of time, an ear to listen, and maybe something like the following:

Sports Game Tickets

Ball Dancing Class


Hope this list kickstarts your Christmas shopping if you haven’t already started or just need some ideas. Happy Holidays! <3

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