3 Alternative Bars in LA if You’re Not A Fan of the Taste of Alcohol

My dad makes fun of me for only being able to drink Stella Rosa, a cheap wine compared to his tastes. Unfortunately, this is true. I’ve been to fancy corporate socials where I carry the same glass for the entirety of the event just because I can’t bring myself to drink it after the first sip. When I was asked to take my very first shot, I stuck my tongue in first and immediately pushed it away – I was 23 when this happened (I know, I’m late to the ball game). I just don’t like the taste of alcohol. Stella Rosa wine, Moscato champagne, Risque champagne, Midori Sour, and Amaretto Sour – The only drinks I can bear, but most places don’t carry these, even in LA. 

With some research and my adventures through the years, I’ve been able to pin point 3 fun alcohol alternatives for people who don’t like the taste of alcohol. Though these drinks are not the regular standard, they’re fun and unconventional, and you won’t have to feel like you’re missing out when you and your friends go out to drink. Without further ado, bottoms up!

1. Milk Tavern

Guinness Stout Infused Ice Cream (Photo Credit IG: @milktavern)

Ever heard of alcoholic ICE CREAM? How fun does that sound? Not only that, Milk Tavern located in the heart of Ktown, has rainbow grilled cheese, board games, vintage game consoles, ping pong, corn holes, and a secret karaoke room in the back that you can reserve (Woops! Not-so-secret anymore!) The ice cream is served in large portions, has a wide range of flavors on the menu, and is pretty darn good. And if you’re not a fan of mixing alcohol with ice cream, they do have an actual bar where you can order regular alcoholic beverages. Whatever your preference, this place caters to everyone 21 and over while promising fun and cute instagram photos. They even call themselves a “playground for adults” according to Dessert Insider.

2. Seven Bar Lounge

Fuego Mango and Bobagams (Photo Credit IG: @reddyseteat)

The alcoholic BOBA excitement didn’t last very long in Los Angeles, but it definitely does exist. Everyone should try it at least once in their lives. Check out Seven Bar Lounge in DTLA. It’s more of a Hollywood-esque vibe in there and though I’m not that much a fan of alcoholic boba in general, I’ve met a handful of people who actually do like it. They have alcoholic boba night once a year. The one for 2018 already passed so check their website every now and then to see if they’ll be hosting another for 2019.

3. Nighthawk: Breakfast Bar

Spiked Cereal Milk (Photo Credit IG: @nighthawkrestaurants)

Night Hawk in Venice is a breakfast bar that opens at night with CEREAL inspired alcoholic beverages. I took my brother here for his 21st birthday and it was a good experience. I loved the drinks here with my favorite being the Coco Puffs & Vanilla Vodka drink – they put actual coco puffs in there! Also, the food is amazing!! It’s gourmet southern breakfast soul-food at it’s best – there’s really nothing bad I have to say about this place. It’s honestly one of my favorite bars in all of LA.

Finally, drink responsibly and have fun!

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