An Insta-Foodie Paradise: The 626 Night Market

Every summer, the biggest night market in the West Coast takes places for a few selected weekends, and whether you’re a true, down-to earth, gung-ho foodie or simply want to spruce up your instagram, the 626 Night Market in Arcadia is your heaven on earth. This is only my second year going and I’m 100% sure I ate a whole week’s worth of calories, but so SO worth it for the experience.



7 Tips For The Best Experience

1. Go at opening (bring sunscreen and a hat) or go very very late in the day, otherwise you’ll be stuck in long lines, and if you don’t like having to dodge swarms of people, take this advice to heart.

2. Sharing is caring and the bigger the group, the more you get to try AND the more money you save. I suggest a group of 3+ people. Split up as you pass the entrance, have a meeting point, take an instagram photo, and share the deliciousness.

3. Most of the market is cash only so be prepared.

4. Wear a backpack so you’re hands are free to carry large items such as the popular giant baby bottles.

5. Hand sanitizer is a must! 

6. Have a plan. Check out the 626 Night Market website, Instagram, and Facebook. They have the full list of vendors so you can coordinate what kinds of foods you want to try with your gang.

7. Have fun and stuff yourself silly. While most of the food isn’t necessarily healthy or cheap, it’s still soul food and a great once-in-a-while splurge.

What I Ate + Photos

First stop were these Unicorn Buns. One was pork and the other was curry chicken, both delicious and the total was $8. There were a lot of unicorn themed foods this year, so if you like color, this might be your time to go.IMG_2387.jpg



Spicy and aesthetic, this next dish really had a kick to it: Fried Spiral Potato on a Stick with your choice of seasoning. I got the spicy buffalo wings seasoning- really good, if you can handle spicy stuff, but too much seasoning in my opinion. Still looks cute enough though. 




For the most animated dish, I got the Smoked Apple Wood Bacon Burger in a Steamed Bun. This was too cute to pass up and was also quite filling. I had to take a break after this one so I recommend sharing.



The thirst prompted a purchase of this giant baby bottle filled with your choice of liquid: I chose Strawberry Lemonade. The total was $20. It had scoops of watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew inside and was very refreshing… Note: Get the smaller baby bottle so you can actually finish it and try other flavor refills for $8.




My favorite dish comes in the form of Poke Taco consisting of salmon poke, imitation crab, cucumbers, cream cheese, and rice. It not only looked delicious, but it was the best tasting out of the seven dishes I bought.




Since I’m obsessed with fries, I couldn’t pass up on the Hot Cheeto-Covered Fries… but I should have. The picture led me to believe there would also be macaroni inside but I was sorely disappointed and it was just regular fries with hot cheetos on top. 



For dessert, I returned to the unicorn theme: Cotton Candy Ice Cream Burrito. This one’s a magical explosion of color with candy and fruity pebbles. It was the most amazing and beautiful dessert I had ever seen and it was just as delicious as it looked.



The 626 Night Market will be back on the following weekends:

July 20-22

Aug. 10-12

Aug. 31-Sept. 2


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