Giving Thanks Everyday

Ups and downs give color to life. Yet, for many, I think it’s easier to complain at the first sign of trouble than it is to pick up the phone and remind a loved one how much they mean to them. We live in a society where financial success and technology supersedes our relationships with our family and friends, puts us out of touch with reality, and makes it difficult for us to appreciate what we have whatever little or big that may be.

My mom is a devoted woman of faith, and until I started living alone, it was never apparent to me how an attitude of gratitude could affect your quality of life in the best of ways. It started when I began a morning ritual to spend time with God using a daily devotional book called Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. I always did it 10 minutes before I had to leave for work. The majority of the passages, reminded me that thankfulness is necessary for inner peace and is a way to worship and praise God for providing us with little wonders here and there. These precious gifts could be something as simple as receiving a smile from a passerby or a clear sunny day to getting promoted at work or reconnecting with an old friend.


Every day I found something to be grateful for. But the constants, usually the most obvious, are the ones that drive my happiness and keep me going when life gets me down:

My family – The people who show me unconditional love and push me to be my best self.

My friends – My home away from home and who’s kindness I integrate into my own life.

The ability to make my own choices – Though the consequences are now greater as an adult, I’m grateful that I can be my own person.

My home – I have a place where I can recharge and feel safe.

Risks and failure – For every time I failed, I came out stronger and wiser. I used to be afraid of failure, but what kind of life are we living if we don’t at least give ourselves the chance to succeed? Obstacles and challenges will always be there, but giving up is forever.

Being able to wake up every morning – I was given a shot at this short thing called life, so I have the chance to live the way I want unapologetically to the fullest.


Thanksgiving shouldn’t be limited to one day in the year. It should be an everyday habit. Appreciate others. Love your life. Take risks. Become who you want to be. And in all things, give thanks because the happiest people are not the wealthiest ones or the one’s who seemingly have perfect lives… it’s the ones who are most thankful.

Happy (Belated) Thanksgiving today and everyday.



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