Instant Slimmification: No-Waist Romper & Heels


They say baggy is always better when it comes to comfort clothing, but did you know that  wearing baggy clothes or even clothes that are a size larger can also visibly slim you? For instance, this morning I woke up from a late night of foodie escapades, and knew that it was going to be one of “those” days the moment I looked in the mirror. For these situations, I wear clothes that don’t hug my waist and are just baggy enough to make my frame look smaller.


The outfit I’m showing you today is actually a no-waist romper. It’s baggy and flowy giving you a slimming affect.

Two reasons why no-waist rompers are amazing:

  1. They’re light and airy – perfect for summer!
  2. They give you a slimmer appearance.

It might be a no-brainer that baggy clothes can give a person the illusion of a skinnier frame, but it’s something that people can totally take for granted. However, it’s also good to keep the bagginess reasonable. You don’t want to look like you’re drowning in your clothes.



This particular romper is from Target. It’s affordable, it has a super cute design, and it’s comfortable. I’d say the only hurdle is going to the bathroom, but that just comes with the territory of wearing any sort of romper.


And of course, a good pair of platform heels will elongate your legs to help you look even skinnier – just make sure they’re extra comfortable for all your summer adventures.

~ Outfit ~

Romper : Target No-Waist Romper

Shoes: Steve Madden Platforms (bought three years ago)

Bag: Michael Kors Large Shoulder Bag

Accessories: Quay  Sunglasses

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