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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Festivals. What better way to bring a community together?

From the ever popular Coachella, to the local festivals like the 626 Night Market (that I’m super excited to attend at the end of this month), there’s almost no argument that festivals are loads of fun especially if they’ve got a huge following of anticipating potential attendees. Yet with the Yelp app, curious adventure seekers can open a new pathway of activities by checking out local events. And so here I am, dedicating an entire post to a festival I attended just recently.


Two Saturdays ago, I went to ArtSea in Marina del Rey, CA. It was the city’s first art festival that they hoped to become an annual tradition. Admission was free and so I took two of my best friends and gave it a go.

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Though it was advertised as a beach party, June gloom was ever present in the air and though my group arrived at it’s opening, it was impossible to tell if those who attended actually took a splash in the nearby ocean as we left after 3 hours. There were about 10 different food trucks, a beer garden, little pop-up shops, an art gallery by the water, and a schedule of different performances from 12pm to 10pm – plenty of activities!

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Though it didn’t quite hit the same vibes as Artisenal LA, I still had fun. From stuffing my face with fried rice, to dancing to some hip-hop instructions, to posing for a million pictures with my friends, and finally getting FREE stuff – I’d say it was a pretty good day. I do hope Marina del Rey continues this tradition as I’m sure each year will be better and better.

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